"Good design is a series of steps we
 take to solve our clients' problems."






The Financial Value of  Design

         The value of a good design grows with the plants that comprise it. For example, well-placed  trees can provide summer shade, and later let warming winter light onto the home. 

         As years pass these trees accrue real monetary value in cooling and heating costs saved. More importantly, properly-selected, cultivated, placed and planted trees won't need replacing for decades or even centuries. Such trees mature into heirlooms that add immeasurable beauty to a property and the planet.

         Now consider the poorly chosen tree.  Maybe it is an eight foot Arborvitae under a ten foot eave, or a fine White pine as centerpiece of the patio border garden. Too bad in ten years the Arb has hit fifteen feet, and the eave.  The White pine now extends 20 foot from its trunk, and well in to the patio. In the short term, perhaps pruning can keep the intruders in check. Inevitably, however, the monsters have to go. 

         Ten, maybe fifteen years have been invested in a tree that could have paid dividends for centuries. Unfortunately the homeowner and the landscape are back at square one. The critical mistake in this sad tale of squandered time, money and resources, was simply putting the wrong plant in the wrong place....bad design.

There is of course more to a good design than the skilled craft of knowing the size of plants and the needs of their human cohabitants. Good design should reflect a vision of what a place could be. Good design should aspire to beauty. Good design should endure. These higher design values are what we strive to attain in Botanica's  designs and property plans...as well as keeping the pine boughs out of the barbeque.

 Design Software

  • One favorite question we hear when people first see a design preview is "Will it really look that good?" As you can see from the above pictures, real landscaping looks even better than the preview images.

  • Software can't design.  Without the skill of a knowledgeable planner, it is just a picture. 

  • It is an exciting tool that lets you try on a look before you buy it, and lets you visualize what is in your designer's head.

  • As you can see from the above examples, the results will not be exact.  Software images just are not as nice as real pictures of real plants, mostly due to the huge size of the image library having a limiting effect on the size of each image. 

How to Get a Great Landscape Design

  • Hire a professional who wants to give you a custom design, suited to your lifestyle and your property, not the same "free" landscape design that every other customer gets.

  • Make sure your designer is a good match for your style.

  • Have a good idea of how you want to use your property. Check out our Questionnaire for an idea of the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before you commit to a design.

  • If plants are important to you, make sure your designer knows plants.  Many well-trained landscape architects know next to nothing about horticulture.

  • If you need hardscape features, find someone who specializes in what you want.  Don't ask a masonry person to do bluestone or a paver specialist to do textured concrete. You won't be happy with the results.

  • Look at garden magazines to learn what styles you like, what colors appeal to you, if you want a formal or informal look, what elements you want included in your design.

  • Study the views.  What do you want to hide from view? Is there a special view you would like to frame or draw attention to?

  • Be up front with your budget.  If you have a dollar amount in mind, share it with your designer.

  • Make sure you understand your plan.  At Botanica, we use computer aided graphic models, so you can see a picture of what your landscape will look like when it is finished.

  • Do a little research.  Check out references, or completed jobs.  Look at different websites to get a feel for what is available and what you might get.  Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident.   Have fun with the process to be satisfied with the results.

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