Watering 101


One essential theme of organic gardening is choosing plants naturally suited to the location. A well-planned landscape usually needs very little supplemental water once it is established. However, during a dry season, and during the establishment period, supplemental water is necessary. 


Start with any conifers (evergreens) that have been planted in the last two years. Put the hose on light spray, and gradually wet the ground directly at the base of the plant. (If it is early morning, you can spray the foliage, too.) Once you can see that the water is soakingin, put the hose on trickle, and leave it at the base for an hour.  Water deeply.

After you've watered the conifers, move onto the leafy trees and shrubs, and water them the same way.

Perennial gardens (and grass, if you bother with it) can be watered with a sprinkler. Always water early in the morning. Watering in the middle of the day can cause sun scorching. Many people think they should water at night, because golf courses do. Golf courses have no choice but to water when the course is not in use. Watering at night, however, frequently leads to problems with fungus. Golf courses pay the high price of fungicides for this necessity.

Water deeply. Leave the sprinkler on for an hour or two. If you have a rain gage, measure up to 2 inches.

Do this no more than once a week, until it rains. If we are getting regular rain, only trees less than two years old need supplemental water.

These techniques conserve water by being effective and efficient. If you have any questions, or if you want some help with maintenance, let us know.

Watering NEW plantings

New plantings must be watered until their root systems are established.  Water trees, shrubs, and perennials twice each week, using the techniques described above.  Continue to do this for at least 6 weeks, when there is insufficient rain fall (less than one inch per week).

Trees must receive supplemental water for two years.  It is especially important that they are well watered in the fall.

Plants from seed, including Grass

In order to germinate, seed must be in firm contact with the ground and remain moist at all times.  After germination occurs, water every other day for a week.  In subsequent weeks, water twice each week until established.  ALWAYS WATER DEEPLY.  

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